It’s time to write the foundation routine for the deck ripping trick. Yesterday’s post I talked about the main 4 different ways that I work on putting together a routine. Today I’m going to focus on method one from yesterday.

1. Write random jokes:

“No one asks me to cut the cards anymore!”

“This skill come in handy almost…never.”

“The wrist strength to do this is common in every strongman and teenage boy.”

“I had to rip over a thousand decks of cards to learn to do this…that means I’m banned from just about every casino in the country.”

“If your cards match, that means you’re married in Uruguay.”

“Like two turtles, your cards match on the back.”

“If you card matches my prediction, I’ve just won the magic lottery”

“Like a half Hawaiian, half pepperoni pizza, this end perfectly!

When writing the above jokes, I didn’t really filter anything, I wrote down everything I thought of. Hopefully out of a dozen jokes you’ll get one or two that are any good. These are going to give us some things I can insert into the the script tomorrow when I write some more.