About Us

Hello, I am Louie Foxx and I run www.flamingwallet.com. I'm a professional magician based out of Seattle.

Every trick that I offer for sale (like the flaming wallet) meets the quality standards of the working professional. What that means is that the prop is durable and affordable...let's face it, most professional magicians don't have a budget like David Copperfield, so pricing is important.

In my performing career, I've been the opening act for comedians such as:

  • Dave Attel
  • Margaret Cho
  • Jimmy J.J. Walker
  • Lewis Black
  • and many more!

Currently I perform 350-400 shows a year, locally and on the road across the USA.

In my spare time I also manufacture the Amazing Magic Kit for kids aged 6-12 years.
For more information about the Amazing Kids Magic Kit CLICK HERE.


Louie Foxx