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Louie Foxx

From: Louie Foxx
July 15th, 2010
Seattle, WA

Dear Friend,

You've probably given yourself a headache trying to find that one cool trick that will put you over the top...something that people will talk about for months.

Here's Exactly What The Flaming Wallet Does

At any point in your show, you take out your wallet and real fire shoots out of it. Then you close the wallet to smother the flames, and when you reopen it...it's full of cold hard cash!


The Flaming Wallet That Professionals Use

The Flaming Wallet is such an eye-opener that many to the top magicians use them...like actor and magician Harry Anderson!

Years ago when I first started performing in magic professionally, I came up with a great bit using a Flaming Wallet. The only problem was that back then all the Flaming Wallets on the market were imported from Europe and cost upwards of $85.00!

The Flaming Wallet was such a highlight of my show that I wore out my wallet from using it soo much fairly quickly. As a struggling entertainer I couldn't afford that much for another Flaming Wallet, no matter how amazing the trick was.

Finally a Cheaper Solution

Then I met a retired professional magician who introduced me to a Flaming Wallet that was not only REAL leather, but affordable!

My favorite thing about this Flaming Wallet is that is it was a pocket style wallet, not the bulk breast pocket style that is no longer in fashion.

I fell in love with this Flaming Wallet!

That's why I started up this website. I believe that because of the combination of quality and affordable price, is what makes this Flaming Wallet is the best on the market!

No one should pay inflated prices to have this trick in thier magic show.

So I made a deal with the manufacturer so that I can offer you this Flaming Wallet below the suggested retail price!

The Flaming Wallet is Great For Any Type Of Magician

Here's just a sample of ways that you can use the Flaming Wallet:

  • Street Magic: Fire will stop people in thier tracks and that's why the Flaming Wallet is an easy way build an audience!
  • Speaker's Visual Aid: The Flaming Wallet is a memorable way to add some fire to your presentation!
  • Comedy Magicians: There are endless joke possiblities with the flaming wallet!
  • Restaurant Magician: You'll see the increase in tips the minute you start using the Flaming Wallet!

By adding the Flaming Wallet to your show, you'll hear the difference in increased audience reaction. And best of all you will see the difference in higher paying gig and increased tips!

Normally this Flaming Wallet sells for $35.00 or more in magic shops, but when you order now during this sale you can get your flaming wallet for only $19.97...that's a saving of over FIFTEEN DOLLARS!

This sale will end without notice, so be sure to order now!

Ordre Now and Get Over $17.00 in Free Gifts

When you order your Flaming Wallet right now, I'll include the following two free gifts worth $12.99!

Free Gift #1
Instructional DVD

Learn how to do use the Flaming Wallet the easy way....with the instructional DVD. No more trying to learn how to do the tricks with poorly written instruction. In the DVD I will walk you through how to use the Flaming Wallet and you will be amazing people immediately!

Normally I'd sell this DVD for $10, but I will throw it in for free!

Free Gift #2
"20 Jokes, Gags and Tips with The Flaming Wallet"

The "20 Jokes, Gags and Tips with the Flaming Wallet" is an ebook that would normally sells for $2.99, but you get it free with your Flaming Wallet!

Three Easy Ways To Order Your Flaming Wallet

For your convience there are three easy ways to place your order:


    Louie Foxx
    P.S. The special sale will end without notice, so be sure to order now!

The Flaming Wallet!


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